Friday, October 28, 2011

This story about someone that lose the one he love :')

The story begin when he got the girl and the girl very2 love him so much , but with his stupid ways , he lose the girl and regret because the girl have found what is the 'TRUE LOVE' , in that case the boy so sad and not being happy like the old time i'm meet he , but to cheer he up i must do something that can really make he happy again but i don't know what to do because this boy is hard to coax back , when he sad he will go somewhere that anyone did not know but ALLAH know where he goes and he will make something that outta control , but the girl did not know about this boy feelings , he was so regret what he have done the past but time cannot be turning back right ? it's he fault because make the careless mistake , he can't blame the girl because she have done what she have to but the boy did not appreciate what she have done to he , i want ask you something , if someone really love you what you must do ? of course you must appreciate the girl and take a good care of him , it's not we looking at the face whether she pretty or not we just want a sincere in love , but it's not too late to get her back you just wait and wait and wait until she have no relationship with other person . It is just sooner or later you will get her back , our mate have been prescribed by ALLAH you just gonna relax and chill if she is your lover than you must no worry about that. Just wait and be patient all have been arranged by ALLAH S.W.T.


This is the boy

This is the girl